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 The Nutritional Therapist             

      Lucy Bishop DNN mFNTP                                                                                           

DETOX Programme

It's time for a fresh start! 

Cleanse your body, clear out your cupboards & create new habits. 

4 week group programme, also available as 1 to 1 sessions 

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Also available:

The 30 Day Health Boost

Beat cravings, balance hormones & boost your energy! 

Ditch the diet & discover:

* The Secrets to Lasting Weight Loss 

* Make Healthy Foods Choices - Wherever you are!

* Reduce Stress Through Diet & Lifestyle

* Balance Blood Sugar for Optimal Weight, Health & Energy


Forget dieting & discover the foods & lifestyle techniques that will boost your health for life.

Dispel the myths & learn the core principles of reaching and maintaining your ideal weight.

In just 30 days you can develop new habits that boost your health, energy & mood! 

Receive the support of a diet & health coach to keep you motivated and on track, along with professional advice on your diet & health concerns.

Side effects? Weight Loss, Balanced Mind & Hormones plus an Energy Boost! 
The programme can enable you to easily reach & maintain a healthy, stable weight, increase your energy, improve sleep and more...

For further information or to book your place simply email or call 07725 239 785.