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How Can Delicious Food Plus Practical Lifestyle Advice

Help You Achieve Your Health Goals?

It's easier & much more enjoyable than you might think...

Energy & Weight Loss "I have already lost 9lb & I'm not feeling the need to eat crisps, cake & biscuits. I always thought I needed to deprive myself to lose weight but I now discover I don't!" Sue 

Sports Performance and Weight Loss

"I lost over 10 kilos in a few months while maintaining good muscle mass, which helped me improve my cycling performance...I have higher energy levels, helping me complete challenging cycling events more easily.” Matt, 40 yrs.

“Another 3lbs gone last week and more energy all the time!”

Penny, 45 yrs. Improve Willpower! Food Intolerances, Bloating & Weight Loss

“I feel more energy and have better balance in my diet, along with less reaction to some of the foods I was intolerant of. I feel like you've listened to me and understood my own situation and you worked with me without judgement.”

Rebecca, “I'd like more energy & gain nutritional tips for me and my family”

My energy levels were much more balanced and I felt well fed, not hungry. Being less sluggish in the mornings was of huge benefit! I felt slimmer, less bloated and definitely lost a few inches around waist.”

Maddy, Cravings & AddictionsI want to kick my sugar & caffeine addiction!”

“I am aware that I LOVE sugar and coffee way too much and was keen to see if I could do without it but I was concerned that old eating habits would be impossible to break and I would be cross & craving but the Detox was WAY easier and tastier than I had ever imagined! I lost weight on the detox and I felt much more energetic!

I gained confidence in my ability to stay off sugar, caffeine and wheat! I never thought I would be able to but with Lucy’s help it was easy to be not only free of these foods but enjoy the feeling of being free from the addictions!

Perhaps most importantly I have incorporated a lot of what I learned from the Detox programme into my daily life now, so I feel the impact will continue. Lucy’s depth of knowledge was fantastic, it made the whole detox really enlightening as well as fun and obviously super healthy!”


Sal, 36 yrs. Building Energy & Tackling Sugar Cravings Whilst Feeding a Newborn Baby!!

“Lucy is incredibly knowledgeable, empathetic, thorough and is also brilliant at explaining health and nutritional issues. I particularly liked the way she slowly built up my knowledge and the changes I needed to implement so that I didn't feel overwhelmed. Lucy always has some new pearls of wisdom to impart during each appointment!

Lucy has been invaluable in helping me to understand how what I eat and drink will affect my body (and that of my child) in the short and long term. I am much more in tune with my body and can now recognise when and why my body is craving something in particular. Now that my child is eating solid food I feel much more confident that I have the knowledge to give him the best possible diet I can.”

Ann, Improve Willpower! Weight Loss & Boosting Energy

“Before starting work with Lucy I was always feeling low & tired. I was confused by all the conflicting information about diet and health. My main concern was about my weight and how to control my weight without resorting to fad diets, I also worried about my lack of willpower!

Working with Lucy felt like a gentle process of building my self confidence and knowledge around food. It's been great to discover I can make sensible choices about what I eat without feeling deprived or restricted!”

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