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About Me

After years of working long hours in a highly pressured job, I took a sabbatical to travel. At the end of my trip I picked up a stomach bug in India and really struggled to shake it off. On returning to the UK I continued to be unwell and didn't receive a clear medical diagnosis for several months. By this point I had become underweight and malnourished and living on a very limited diet. Soon after I was diagnosed with M.E. or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Why Nutrition?

With very few solutions forthcoming from my GP, my own researched showed that some people got better and others did not. Slowly I began to identify the foods that made me feel better and those that I reacted too. I then moved on to look at how I could get optimum nutrition into a limited diet to help regain weight and rebuild strength and energy. As I began to feel better I also came to understand the key diet and lifestyle factors that had caused me to become more susceptible to illness.

My Philosophy...

By the time I recovered, I had become fascinated by just how powerful dietary changes can be in restoring vibrant health. I am passionate about the influence our diets and lifestyles have over our health and how simple the changes can be. I have always been a 'foodie;' loving to cook and eat, so discovering a whole new way of eating that was delicious and nutritious has been a key part of my work. Part of the success of my treatments is teaching people that eating well can be simple, affordable, tasty and - most importantly - fun!

My Qualifications...

I trained for 3 years with the College of Natural Nutrition and now run a busy practice in Leamington Spa as a Nutritional Therapist. I am registered with the governing body FNTP, the Federation of Nutritional Therapists and Practitioners and hold full insurance. All certificates are available to view on request.

Lucy Bishop DNN mFNTP

The Nutritional Therapist

Mobile: 07725 239785


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