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Weight Loss programmes are run as group courses throughout the year but are also available as 1 to 1 programmes at any time.

Please contact me for more information.

The 4 Week Weight Loss Plan -

Forget Dieting & Learn the Secrets of Reaching your Ideal Weight, Now & for Life

- The delicious & nutritious 4 week plan that sees real, lasting results.

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“I came along to the 4 week course in Feb/March. Thought you might like to know I'm still making changes to my diet and have up to now lost 9 pounds. My goal was to lose 1 stone by August which I'm well on the way to. Many thanks for all your advice.” Sue

“I have found my skin a lot clearer, a couple of kilos weight loss, less bloating.” Dawn

Forget dieting & discover the foods & lifestyle techniques that will boost your health for life.

Includes presentations, handouts, recipes, goal setting & lifestyle & supplement advice.

Dispel the myths & learn the core principles of reaching and maintaining your ideal weight.

Side effects? Weight Loss, Balanced Mind & Hormones plus an Energy Boost! The programme will enable you to easily reach & maintain a healthy, stable weight and naturally detox your system through cleaning up your diet.

BOOK NOW – the course includes:

  • Weekly group meeting including talks on successful weight loss & expert nutrition advice
  • Shopping list of 'allowed' foods
  • Recipes and meal ideas
  • Meal planner
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Online support from a nutritional therapist throughout.
  • Group support for boosted encouragement & motivation.
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