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Detox Plans.

Detox or Cleanse Plans are run as group courses throughout the year but are also available as 1 to 1 programmes at any time.

Please contact me for more information.

Detox Healthily - Nourish Yourself & Feel Great!

Metabolic Detox Programme

4 weekly workshops* take you safely through a 14 day cleanse with great results! Click to see Client Results

*Can also be done as a 1 to 1 programme.

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Ian “I no longer get an energy low mid-afternoon and I often go through to lunch without having to snack. It's been remarkably easy to give up the afternoon chocolate bar! Sleep has definitely improved. I'm not waking up as often in the night.” 

A healthy detox plan, supported by professionals, can help to:

boost ENERGY,

lose WEIGHT,


& clear SKIN.

Totally different from other detox plans, this plan is about nourishment and not deprivation.

It comprises 4 weekly workshops to learn about why & how to detox safely & healthily, without starving yourself.

This takes you through a nourishing, rejuvenating 14 day cleanse which includes.

  • Shopping list of 'allowed' foods
  • Recipes and meal ideas
  • Recipes for juices & soups for liquid foods only days
  • Meal planner
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Online support from a nutritional therapist throughout.
  • Group support for boosted encouragement & motivation.

Places are limited and filling fast...

For more details, or to book your place, call 07725 239 785 or email

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